There’s Only one Hula Pie.

It all started at our first T S Restaurant, Kimo’s, on Maui. Ling ago the Kimoś Original Hula Pie recipe was create and coined as, “What sailors swarm ashore for Old Lahaina Town,” From where, it was history – our famous Hula Pie has been surprising even the most adventurous of dessert eaters ever since.



Hula Pie is made with our favorite macadamia nut ice cream stacked high on scrumptious chocolate cookie crust. A layer of cool chocolate fudge sits atop the ice cream giving form to this delight. Whipped cream dances at its base before decadent, hot chocolate fudge is poured over the top and dizzies to each side. Finally, more toasted macadamia nuts fall and cling to the hot fudge bringing together everything your taste buds need for a vacation.

Its is portioned for sharing, but rarely goes unfinished! Once you start digging into this sweet confection, you won’t be able to put your Hula Pie spork down. Come on in and indulge in an abundance of aloha. Although originally created at Kimo’s Hula Pie has become a classic favorite dessert choice at every T S Restaurant.

Did you know?

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Let’s Eat

So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy a slice (or two) of island-inspired heaven now!